Solidarity with Jews in Germany and around the world!

Antisemitism is a permanent and latent composite of hostile attitudes towards Jews as a collective. These attitudes manifest themselves in individuals as prejudice, in culture as myths, ideology, folklore and imagery.

They can also take the form of individual or collective actions – social or legal discrimination, political mobilization against Jews, and collective or state violence – aimed at distancing oneself from Jews, driving them out or annihilating them.
(Helen Fein, Dimensions of Antisemitism)

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In light of the growing number of anti-semitic attacks, it is important that we as a community and as individuals show visible solidarity with our fellow Jewish citizens through emotional attachment, verbal support or vital actions. We must confront the spatial demands of Jewish hatred.
It is therefore an urgent matter for us to make a contribution against the rampant antisemitism with the Stop Antisemitism Ribbon. It is a symbol that – worn recognizably – says: We oppose any form of antisemitism.

Show your rejection of Antisemitism. Wear the ribbon wherever and whenever you can. Take a visible stance.

The initiative Stop Antisemitism is an association of citizens. We do not pursue economic profit. Income from the sale of the ribbon will be donated after the production costs are covered.

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What is Antisemitism?

“Antisemitism is a two-thousand-year-old virus, …

…seemingly incurable. There are always other reasons: Religion, race. But today we don’t necessarily say ‘Jews’, today it’s the Israelis, without really understanding the connections or even knowing what’s going on behind the scenes.” (Anita Lasker-Wallfisch on 31 January 2018 in the German Bundestag)

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What can we do about it?


We can wear the Stop Antisemitism Ribbon every day …


We can enlighten by way of conversation …


We can wear the kippah on special occasions

Jews in Germany

“I believe that young Jews have no future here.” …

“I believe that young Jews have no future here.” This is what Evelyn Mende says. She came to Germany at the age of 8 and will now, at 46, return to Israel with her daughter Golda.

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About us

Uwe Wilhelm (writer) and Yvonne Trede (graphic designer)
Both live with their families in Berlin.

One year ago we launched the initiative ‘Stop Antisemitism’ to show a visible sign of our solidarity with victims of antisemitism and those at risk of being victimized every day.

The trigger for our commitment was the presentation of the documentary „Weil Du Jude bist“ (“Because you are Jewish”). It tells of attacks on a Jewish boy and the physical and psychological violence he suffered at a Berlin school. This is what happens among us.

We didn’t want to simply stop and stare in dismay, but set an active agenda – and so the idea to stop antisemitism came into being.

The initiative Stop Antisemitism is an association of citizens who are active against racism in all its forms, but above all against antisemitism. We don’t belong to any party, we don’t pursue any political goals except engagement against antisemitism.

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